Vegan Chocolate with Cookie Pieces- iChoc Organic 80g Vegan Friendly

Vegan Chocolate with Cookie Pieces- iChoc Organic 80g Vegan Friendly


iChoc from Vivani brings you an utterly gorgeous, crispy, creamy vegan milk chocolate bar. Melt in the mouth heaven with little chunks of oreo style cookies.

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iChoc: The Vegan Way To Enjoy Chocolate.

iChoc is range of vegan Chocolate from the German makers of the famous Vivani. iChoc's extensive selection of sweet treats consist of products which take the classic concept of ‘milk chocolate’, and reinvent it using recipes that are completely free of animal products (swapping cow’s milk for rice milk). All raw ingredients are certified organic, and the Cocoa comes from the organic mixed cultivations of Fairtrade farming cooperatives in the Dominican Republic. They are all free from artificial colourings or emulsifiers, such as soya lecitihin, and are produced (from bean to bar) to the highest levels of quality. iChoc want vegans to be able to experience those moments of chocolate happiness again, and by devoting the necessary love and attention to their chocolate, they have successfully achieved this.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa paste*, rice milk powder* 13%, cocoa biscuits* 12% (wheat flour, cocoa powder*, raw cane sugar*, sunflower oil*, sugar beet syrup*, sea salt), hazelnut paste*, bourbon vanilla extract*. cocoa: at least 40% chocolate content

* from organic agriculture.

Contains Hazelnuts.

May contain traces of other tree nuts, milk and gluten. (Due to cross contamination)