Home Blend Coffee Bags- 15 bags

Home Blend Coffee Bags- 15 bags


These bags made a lovely cup of proper coffee with ease and with 15 bags included they will last a lot longer and are much more convenient then popping to the coffee shop- and we think they taste even better! They are a winner of the prestigious Great Taste Award in 2016 and remain the only Award Winning Coffee Bags in the UK.

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 It is strong and smooth with a lovely round flavour.  Its great to wake you up in the morning, or as a pick me up during the day.  Either way, just a great tasting easy coffee to drink.

The pouches are resealable, so that your coffee remains fresh for as long as possible.  It also means that you can take your coffee with you to the office, or away on holiday, and coffee will stay fresh providing you keep your pouch sealed.

The Coffee Bags contain 9g of freshly ground coffee, so when you put your Coffee Bag into your cup, you know that you will get a fresh cup of coffee really quickly, and will not have to clean away any messy coffee grinds! How simple can really great fresh coffee be!!

135g- 15 home blend coffee bags