Decaf Cosy Tea Infusion

Decaf Cosy Tea Infusion


Decaf Cosy Tea Infusion, 20 organic teabags

A Smooth, versatile and refreshing blend of organic black tea, It has all the wonderful flavour of Breakfast Tea with none of the caffeine. Great any time of the day and best served with a splash of milk. 

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About Cosy Tea


For us, a cup of tea is more than just a beverage. It provides moments in which you can relax and unwind, and is an essential part of the day. That’s why creating the perfect blend is so important to us.
At Cosy every detail has been carefully considered, from the best flavour combinations and organic ingredients, right down to the packaging. Inspired by the renaissance in knitting, we worked with local knitters to create personalised patterns for all our boxes, giving you the full Cosy experience.
Our collection of organic tea features a variety of flavours including vibrant fruity infusions and delicious classics. We know what matters most to tea drinkers and have created a range that’s loved by all.  So, pop the kettle on, unwrap our teas, brew, and relax.