Time Out- Relaxing Care Package

Time Out- Relaxing Care Package

from 18.00

A little gift box full of treats to enjoy a little bit of time out.

Complete with a sprinkling of rose petals and a gift note inside a matching heart stamped envelope.

This gift box contains:

Pocket Puzzles book-100 quick and fun word puzzles based on the botanical wonders of Britain in a beautiful pocket-sized package There are wordsearches, crosswords, word wheels, codewords and all manner of verbal brainteasers, You don’t have to know all about gardening or plants to enjoy these puzzles in fact they’re a brilliant way to pick up lots of interesting trivia as you solve the clues. There are solutions at the back of the book if you get stuck. This book is the perfect way to while away the odd spare minute, relax and unwind.

A Puzzle Solver Pencil- There is something much more enjoyable about using a pencil rather than a pen to fill in a puzzle book (and the rubber on the tip is an added bonus too!)

Duvet Day Cotton Wick Candle-Snuggle up and get cosy under a lovely duvet and spend the day taking it easy! Relax with this hand poured vegan friendly soy wax candle which smells like fresh linen. This highly scented candle is the perfect for spending the day being kind to yourself, reading a good book and snoozing in bed.

A Hot Chocolate and Sweet Treat- to enjoy whilst you are putting your feet up.

Hot Chocolate and Treats:
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