Hug in a box.

Hug in a box.


A little hug in a box gift;

There are 4 lovely gifts in our hug in a box, all packed neatly into a lovely white gift box and decorated with a sprinking of real rose petals.

A mini pack of Continental Breakfast Tea Pyramid teabags- a quality blend of teas from India, Kenya and China. Each pyramid tea bag contains a delightful tea experience of wonderful, full bodied, malty flavour, complemented with slight hints of oak. A delicious, refreshing cup of tea that's ideal any time of day.

A Gingerbread Man Or Gingerbread Flower Biscuit- Hand baked in the Uk by Lottie Shaw's, the gingerbread man is vegan friendly and the flower is vegetarian friendly.

Rose & Neroli Bath Melt-Containing real Rosehip Oil, Rose Petals and Cocoa Butter.

Neroli is valued for its calming and relaxing scent, which can help alleviate anxiety and insomnia and Rosehip oil calms and moisturises the skin

This bath melt also contains cocoa butter which has anti aging and skin nourishing properties. Drop the melt into the bath and let it melt around you, softening and perfuming your skin with hints of Neroli.

A bear hugs wishing bracelet- Handmade in Cumbria by a small team of wishmakers, the bear hug bracelet is the perfect way to send someone a great big squeeze! 

‘Make a Wish, tie on the bracelet, when the thread wears thin and breaks away, your wish will come true so they say!’

This gift is suitable for vegetarians if ordered with the gingerbread flower or suitable for vegans if the gingerbread man is selected.

Gingerbread Biscuit:
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