Super Snuggly Country Club Hotwater Bottle- Various Designs

Super Snuggly Country Club Hotwater Bottle- Various Designs


Hot Water Bottles just got stylish!

This is a full sized 2L rubber hot water bottle from country club.

With its super soft plush fleece cover and a warm, extra-thick fleece Sherpa backing in contrasting colours it is perfect to hug and relax with on a cold night or when you need an afternoon nap. The cover also features a contrasting coloured bow on the front. 

This beautiful soft fleece hot water bottle is perfect for cuddling up with and will help to soothe and relax you, whilst also helping to keep you warm. The thick fleece on the back of the cover and the soft plush fleece on the front makes it ideal to snuggle up with on a cold winter's evening.

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  • Dimensions = 33 cm x 21 cm

  • Do not fill the bottle to more than two thirds capacity

  • Never Use Boiling Hot Water

  • Bottle is made from 100% Latex with screw cap top

  • Cover Front 100% Acrylic - Cover Reverse 100% Polyester

  • Sherpa Cover is hand washable

  • Bottle conforming to BS Standards 1970:2012