Work and Play

If you have been following the Bluebirds on Social Media you will know that the company was founded by myself- Laura with the support of the princes trust, I think myself very fortunate to have been able to build my dream business of packing and sending lovely gifts and care packages and posting them out to people all over the world! However being a self employed parent can be a juggling act sometimes!

My dream has always been to run my own business, however my beautiful little people have dreams of their own… at the moment they are to build the biggest lego tower or wear the most dressing up outfits at once! Sometimes getting the balance right can be the toughest part of being a self employed parent, when a lovely smiling face bursts into your office it’s hard, if not impossible to say ‘not right now mummy is at work!’

However what I love about running my own gift hamper company is that it sense of freedom and that a normal 9-5 office job wouldn’t give you- My day is flexible, I can take time out now to build that lego tower and take back that hour this evening instead- Or even better I can convince my four and six year old that building a tower of care packages ready to posted is even better than lego as if we stand on a chair we can get it to touch the ceiling!

One year into starting up my own company I couldn’t be happier, Now excuse me whilst I go take down the Care Package towers so we pop them in the post!