What is Hygge?

cosy hygge

We love Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) here in the nest, however if you are not familiar with Hygge we thought we would explain it in a little more detail and why we love it so much!

Hygge is a Danish concept that comes from the Norwegian word for well-being, it embraces the feeling of being cosy and content and can simply be explained as everyday happiness, imagine sitting next to gently crackling fire with a mug warm hot chocolate wearing big cosy socks and covered with a sofa blanket then curling up and taking an afternoon nap whilst outside the snow gently falls, its these really simple, easy, stress free and special moments.


Hygge can also be shared with friends and family and it isn't just reserved for winter treats, so as the weather warms put away the jumpers and big socks, swap the candles for vases of freshly cut flowers and sit in the summer house or orangery with a glass of wine and a puzzle book or head outside and enjoy nature read a book or practice yoga in the sunshine and make some treasured memories by preparing a picnic to enjoy with your loved ones on a quiet summers evening followed by a paddle in the stream or a bike ride through the park (in true danish style!), enjoy the beautiful blue sky's, the light breeze and no doubt the light summer rain, enjoy the smell of fresh flowers or sea air before lighting a campfire and making your own popcorn and toasted marshmallows and spend the evening looking at the stars and night sky.

Make sure that you take the time to really experience these moments, put away the technology and take a few moments to be calm and still, be sure to really take in the sights, smells and sounds, feel the sun on your skin and the breeze through your hair, enjoy the company of those around you and take in the atmosphere, engage your sense and cherish each moment.

It's these simple everyday things that help to improve your mood and wellbeing, its taking those moments out of a busy schedule to notice everything around you, to really connect with your surroundings and to enjoy all the little things. You don't have to spend a penny to enjoy Hygge, it is perfect way to practice some self care and lift your mood. 


If you are still looking for some ways to embrace the Hygge Lifestyle try these simple ideas:

  • Go fruit picking and make a fruit crumble to enjoy with friends.

  • Embrace the cold, enjoy the cooler days by wrapping up warm with coats, hats and scarves, walk in the woods, build snow men, make snow angels, collect pine cones, jump in puddles, run around to warm up, then retreat to a nice warm house, a warm drink and cookies.

  • Cuddle up with a pet (your own or borrow one!) you can pretty much guarantee that petting a friendly ball of fluff will lift your mood (and theirs too!)

  • Cut fresh flowers and arrange them in beautiful vases around your home

  • Surround yourself with chunky knit blankets, pillars of cushions, don your pyjamas & cosy socks and swap the harsh lighting for gentle flickering candlelight.

  • Bring out the family photos- find the long forgotten photo albums, (the older the better) and take the time to look through them and relive old special memories.

  • Pamper yourself with with a homemade facemask, freshly brewed tea and some of your favorite music.

  • Take some me-time, whether you love to sew, bake, paint, cook, draw, play music it doesn't matter, just take some time for you to do what you love, feel content, indulge yourself and turn off all the distractions and enjoy what makes you happy.

  • Make time for the ones that you love- proper time! Turn off the boxsets for one night, put away the phones, light a fire, cook some good food and talk, enjoy the togetherness.

We hope this has given you a bit of insight into this wonderful concept and a few ideas of how to embrace it! If you have any top Hygge tips of your own we would love to hear them in the comments below!