Meet Our Makers- Tiers Of Joy

Meet Our Gift Makers

Tiers Of Joy.

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Here in the Bluebirds Nest we love to support independent small businesses (as we are one ourselves!) so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to some of the lovely people and businesses who make the gifts that you can add to make your perfect gift hamper!

One of our wonderful chocolate makers is Zoe from Tiers of Joy a princes trust business based right here in North Yorkshire, Zoe hand makes the lovely boxes of luxury chocolates that you can add to your gift hampers!

I have a few questions to ask Zoe as my knowledge of chocolate is mainly the eating and enjoying side of things!

Zoe! How do you make your lovely chocolates, is it a long process?

The chocolates are all made by hand with no machines, (in one day!) chocolate tempering involves heating and cooling the chocolate to certain temperatures so that the chocolate is workable, this process then results in the crisp chocolate and the distinctive ‘snap’. However the time it takes to make the chocolates does completely depends on how many I have to make and on the weather- if it’s too hot the chocolate takes a lot longer to crystallise and set. I once made 1600 chocolates in 36 hours which was intense!

Oh Wow, 1600 chocolates in 3 days! That’s amazing! What training did you undertake before opening up Tiers of Joy?

I studied at Ashburtons Chefs Academy in Ashburton, Devon. Prior to that I had completed a one day patisserie workshop at Bettys Cookery School to check that patisserie was the career for me before I went to Devon.

It must be hard working with some many lovely treats all day long- which is your favorite chocolate that you make?

It can be! Ooh I would have to say that my favourite chocolate is Chocolate Orange one however I am quite fond of the Prosecco heart which is from the new range of chocolates too.

Oh wow that does sound exciting, I can’t wait to hear a little bit more about that one! It could make a lovely addition to our Christmas gift range too!

It’s not just chocolates that you make over at Tiers of Joy though is it? Can you tell me a little more about what else you do?

Yes of course, I also make cakes, pastries and also offer an afternoon tea service!

I really enjoy making celebration cakes as they can resemble art but in cake form, my creativity can run wild which is a nice contrast to making both chocolates and macarons which can both be quite temperamental due to the ‘science’ behind the making of them. However a batch of freshly made, perfectly shiny macarons is incredibly satisfying- I love making everything!

Blue Salted Caramels are one of the latest range of chocolates from tiers of joy.

Blue Salted Caramels are one of the latest range of chocolates from tiers of joy.

Zoe’s delicious chocolates make the perfect gift, they are made from the finest Belgian chocolate and come in range of flavours including, milk, white and dark chocolate ganache, smooth salted caramel, crunchy hazelnut praline and a chocolate orange ganache.

Not only do they taste as good as they sound but because they are individually handcrafted by Zoe each chocolate looks absolutely beautiful with colourful touches of reds and orange, beautiful shapes and shiny smooth finishes too making them an extra special treat to give as a gift!

However Don’t just take our word for it- These chocolates have been shortlisted for the 2018 Deliciously Yorkshire Taste Award in the ‘Best Confectionery’ category!

Zoe and I met back in January 2017 as we both launched our businesses with the support and backing of the princes trust and it has been exciting to have her on board making her lovely chocolates to go into our Bluebird gift boxes. We will be adding some more of Zoe’s lovely chocolate range soon so you will have even more of a choice of lovely chocolate gifts to send in the post.

If you would love to know more about Tiers of Joy- Follow Zoe on Facebook

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