Oak photo block

Oak photo block


10x10cm beautiful oak block printed with a photo of your choice.

Handmade to order- please allow 10 days until your gift is sent. 

Please email your photo and order number to:


or use the submission form below

Add to my Birdbox!

Your photo printed to oak! This beautiful display piece will make a lovely addition to your Birdbox, choose your favorite photo and we will transform it to a lovely display block for you!

Style (all have torn edge like the photo to show some of the beautiful oak underneath)

Black and white- Printed in black and white

Vintage- Less vibrant colours reminiscent of an old photograph 

Full colour- Brighter colours

(This is handmade to order item so please allow 48 hours before it/your Birdbox leaves our nest)

Please send your photo using the form below: