Click here to view the Gift wrap Options

Click here to view the Gift wrap Options

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Choose how you would like your gift to look.

Gift Wrap Style:
Design my Gift Box.

No Gift Wrap/Box Hamper Style-

This is a beautiful yet simple gift wrap option. Your loved one will receive a Blue Shoe box style cardboard box tied with raffia string (In very much a traditional care package style) and your gift message placed on top.

Once the box is opened they will see your chosen finishing touches then all the gifts you have chosen are presented and hidden in a lovely blue or natural coloured hamper filler.

Gift Wrap the Blue Gift Box

Your gift is presented as above, however the Blue Box will also be wrapped in a beautiful Kraft Blue or Brown paper. 

Gift Wrap each gift individually

Your gift box will arrive 'Hamper style' However each of the gifts inside will be individually wrapped.

Full Gift wrap

Your gift box will be presented box hamper style, However each gift inside will be wrapped individually and the outer box will also be wrapped. 



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