Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts- Lavender and Lime.

Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts- Lavender and Lime.


These pink hued pure salts from the Himalayan region will detox, restore pH balance, moisturise, relax tired muscles and exfoliate the skin, leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed after a hard day.

These salts are lightly fragranced with natural oils and will release a delicate calming scent when added to warm bath water.

The added benefits of the dried lavender buds and the lavender, lime and calendula oils which are infused into the salts will soothe and alleviate all of life's stresses and create a spa like experience at home.

This 50g travel sized pot of soapNskin’s award winning Bath Salts contains enough for 3-5 baths, just sprinkle a small spoonful into a warm bath and relax. 

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