Sicilian Lemon & Calendula Bath Creamers

Sicilian Lemon & Calendula Bath Creamers


Two beautiful handmade bath creamers packaged in a rustic jute bag. perfect for a more indulgent bath time experience.

The blend of moisturising shea butter, refreshing and rejuvenating Sicilian lemon and skin loving and calming Calendula petals create the perfect bath time combination.

These bath creamers fill the room with their aromatic and uplifting citric fragrance whilst helping to soothe your skin.

Each bath creamer can be broken in half to be used in two baths or if you are feeling particulally indulengent, you can use the whole creamer in one bath.

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SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulphate ) free, Paraben free

Handmade in the UK and Vegan friendly