Floral Water Skin Cleanser

Floral Water Skin Cleanser


Floral waters are used as a natural skin toners for wonderfully nourished and fragrant skin.

Lavender floral water

Lavender water has a subtle, precious formula, to gently refresh the skin, and give the perfect final touch to your evening cleansing rituals. This floral water has natural skin toning and conditioning properties.

Chamomile floral water

Chamomile water is relaxing and soothing, it is also perfect for spritzing over bed linen to induce sleepiness.

Floral water:
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What is Floral Water?

It is the condensate water that remains after the extraction of an essential oil by water or steam distillation. When essential oils are produced this way, not all of the aromatic and healing principles held within the plant are actually captured in the essential oil.

Certain components are hydrophilic, which means they dissolve into water, and this produces what is variously known as a flower water, hydrosol or hydrolate. 

In other words: floral waters are distilled water infused with the essence of flowers. For that reason they are often known as essential waters.

The anti-bacterial properties in the lavender help to kill bacteria in the skin and the toning natural goes deep down into the pores without clogging. Lavender water is suitable for skin of all ages and the traditional use of Lavender at night makes it perfect for bedtime use, apply on the skin and let it work its magic overnight

Chamomile water can be used to mist over sore, inflamed or itchy skin; rashes; and any areas that need a little soothing, it can also be used for spritzing over bed linen to induce sleepiness. Incredibly soothing and suitable from any age!  Its soothing and uplifting scent helps with joint and muscle irritations as well as digestive and nervous discomfort.




Aqua, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Citric Acid, (Linalool), (Geraniol), (Limonene)