Duvet Day- Luxury Candle

Duvet Day- Luxury Candle


Snuggle up and get cosy under a lovely duvet and spend the day taking it easy! Relax with this hand poured vegan friendly soy wax candle which smells like fresh linen.

This highly scented candle is the perfect for spending the day being kind to yourself, reading a good book and snoozing in bed, this candle is designed for those days when you need a little pick me up.

This lovely hand-poured scented candle is available in a choice of a wooden wick or a traditional cotton wick, the two wick types are explained below:

Wooden wick- wooden wick candles burn with a smaller flame and create a softening glow, the wick Gently crackles and pops as it burns similar to a real log fire, wooden wicks to help you to completely relax and unwind. To light a wooden wick be sure to trim it close to the wax and tilt the candle at a slight angle, similar to how you hold a match after lighting and then let the flame draw across the length of the wick, ideally you should let the candle burn long enough so that that wax melts right to the end of the container to make sure each time it is lit is as perfect as the very first time.

Cotton Wick- Cotton wicks are a simple and traditional favorite loved by everyone, easy to light and they burn with a beautiful and relaxing flickering flame.

Cotton or Wood Wick:
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This highly scented luxury candle has at least a 15 hour burning time to give you many hours of relaxation, It is set in a high quality glass holder and features a wooden or cotton wick.

It is made from soy wax and is also 100% vegan!

This lovely candle is presented in a clear organza bag and makes a truly lovely gift.